Corporate Training

Essential One-Day Training

This one-day course is designed for business professionals in need of language and culture training, on short notice in order to prepare for a business trip or vacation.  This training session will provide a basic introduction to the target language, an orientation on getting around in the new culture, and will help you forge good relations, with cultural sensitivity. 

Business Language Workshop

This two-week, four-week or two-month program provides organizations with actionable business language and industry specific idioms and terminology that are critical for maximizing communication effectiveness in a foreign setting.  This program is customized based on initial and follow-up assessments of both the organization and/or specific departments which will in turn provide the baseline knowledge and determine the tools that will measure progress and outcomes.   

Cross Cultural Training Seminar

Business professionals learn how to communicate, give presentations, and have culturally sensitive telephone & physical etiquette.  This seminar will also help you negotiate with native speakers of your host country, and provide instruction on proper business meeting conduct.  In Spain for example, there is much more beating around the bush as opposed to the American “cut to the chase approach.”  Business professionals learn acceptable business tactics, for example whether or not being assertive is perceived as good.

Conversational Brown-Bag Lunches

This group session is offered weekly or more and on an on-going basis as needed from 12-1pm or 1-2pm.  A native language instructor leads a small group foreign language instruction session.  This highly customized program focuses on specific areas within a given industry and is tailored to the unique composition of the group.   This is an unstructured conversational group and requires a general understanding and/or previous exposure to the target language to derive maximum benefit for the participants.